Summer time hey?

When you finally get a second to sit down and write an update!

My summer market season has come to and end, not many people think about it at the time until I mention that I cant be in the heat at outdoor markets in the summer because what makes candles melt? You got it, HEAT. As the days get hotter and hotter it is harder and harder to keep the candles cool in the heat as they are soy wax they melt. I am now trying to build up stock (HA, ha..ha this will never happen) for the daunting Christmas season. I know many of you may not be seeing mistletoe or sleigh bells but all thats ringing in my head is Christmas prep. 

Now I get to take my weekends back and enjoy some camping (with my citronella candle of course!) and do some boating, I went wakeboarding 3 days ago and I feel more sore today than days past. Ok, I get it I'm out of shape, but I have also had 2 babies since I have wakeboarded last its been about 7 years. 

So until next time I get to sit down without kids crawling and dogs mooching, enjoy summer :)

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