May Long Weekend

After many dark gloomy rainy days it sure feels nice to see the sun. We all ended up with sunburns, and I have a nasty heat rash that makes it look like I have a rare skin disease. On top of that, our eldest daughter got what I think is heat stroke and threw up in my NEW suv while we were out doing deliveries. I have been busier then I have ever been which is very intimidating for the Christmas season as I always try to prepare now and have extra stock but it keeps on going out the door.. I know I shouldnt complain and I am very greatful for everyone who supports my dream, but I am having nightmares about bathbombs and trying to remember to get all the soap out of the molds. As the summer season kicks off we have introduced certified redneck candles in wine glasses. I am waiting for the right time to launch the newest and final scent in candles for 2017 so bare with me as Im still pondering names for it!
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