But its what month?

Ah at last, Friday the 13th. I love this season, It's cold, cozy and the perfect time for candles. I love candle season. I also love Halloween and all things scary. I am trying to keep up with everything in my life but I feel like a clown juggling 500 bowling balls and they are all about to tumble down onto me, but somehow I manage to keep juggling.


I am so excited for another holiday season, and I have so many new ideas.. although I can only have so much on display at a 10x10 booth. I have many many people always ask if I have a store front, to shed some light on that.. My kids are to young for me to put 100% of my time on focus on a storefront and I am probably the most difficult person to work with so finding a sidekick that I can stand, or can stand me is ever impossible. I work best alone.


I hope everyone has a great halloween and I love to see pictures of family costumes, send me a picture of your family costumes and maybe Ill send a gift because family halloween costumes are the BEST. This year we are Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu and lucky me I get to be a Genie, still trying to figure out how I am suppose to grow facial hair though!



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